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Module 1 : Brand & Selfies

Your brand or your selfie in weightlessness
We take care of your body and filming yours :

 logos  badges  banners
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Photos logos

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Products and/or brands
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Logos pasted on aircraft cabin
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Module 2 : Full Flight

A full flight operated by our partner Dovespace on :

  • Septembre 1st, 2017 from Bordeaux (F)
  • June 2018 from Dübendorf (Zurich)
1 party :  Info before the flight
Parables :
The flight includes 15 parables
Diploma :
Graduation after the mission on the same day
Photos / video :
Delivery of basic photos and video footage of digital cameras
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Module 3 : Coaching & Seminars

Seminars / Formation

Indoor before flight
1/2 day (history, management, organization, profits)
In flight for groups of at least 8 people
After the flight: debriefing
1/2 day (Leadership, flight analysis, impact)
After the flight : Full Movie
Custom processing of images and film
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