From End to End…
Hang on !

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From the very first space flights in the late fifties, the seven astronauts in the Mercury program (one-person capsule) used C-131 Comet airplane to simulate zero gravity, the famous zero G. As early as the sixties, this procedure has become classic but indispensable to accustom astronauts to conquer space.

Both astronauts and aircraft pilots sometimes have to cope with complex situations, requiring quick decisions and assimilating a great deal of information. In the field of management, to honor orders and customers, decision makers are also sometimes faced with having to make quick, fair and effective commitments.

The weightlessness created by the parabolas offers to the astronauts – and now everyone else – not only the sensations of twirling here and there, like a butterfly, but the controlled ups and downs identical to the vagaries of the stress, life.

These experiences are also enriching to enhance the development of intellect, physics and managerial resources.

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