Zero G in the World


The Zero G Parabolic flights began in the late fifties: read here. Today, actors are in the running to provide scientists and tourists, missions of this kind at an altitude of 12,000 meters or less.

Go Zero G / Space Adventures
First of all, in the USA with the Zero Gravity Corporation (Go Zero G!) a private company from Arlington (Virginia) which offers flights from : Austin (Texas), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle (California), Miami and Orlando (Florida), Nashville (Tennessee), New York and Washington. The highest price is US $ 4,950 + tax. But it is also possible to make sending packets for about $ 200. All delivered by a modified Boeing 727.
Incredible Adventures
Another actor, not known, is the company Incredible Adventures of Sarasota (Florida) offering parabolic flights from St Petersburg (FLA) in a small, well-appointed private plane (Rockwell Commander) which provides the same feeling less top and shorter. For more than 2,500 dollars.
Air Zero G
Air Zero G is a partnership involving Novespace, a CNES subsidiary, dedicated to scientific parabolic flights for 25 years, and Avico, French airline broker leader. The companies have joints their ambitions and know-how to allow non-professional persons to access to the most spectacular aspect of space flight : weightlessness.
Air Zero G flights are marketed by Avico and operated by Novespace on board ZERO-G Airbus A310, owned by Novespace, from Novespace Bordeaux-Mérignac airport facilities.

Dovespace is a brand of Nussbaumer Reisen AG and markets Air Zero G parabolic flights exclusively in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and Germany and is accepting bookings also from Austria and some countries from Asia.

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